About Us

Forget the Flock is a brand for the godless.For the Heathens. For the blasphemous and sacriligious. For the outcast and forsaken. For anyone who doesn't accept the claim that we are all born sick and will remain sick until we bow and repent. For anyone who has been so bold to question and deny the existence or need for a creator. For anyone struggling to embrace their identity and trying to navigate the world as a free thinker. For anyone who knows belief in some specific form of fairytale is unnecessary in being a good person. We are here to remind you that you are not alone. You have not been abandoned. Although there may not be some magical skyman creating a special place for you, we are here to build a community and offer encouragement. We are here to support you in your expression of self. And most importantly, we are here to galvanize and inspire our generation to Live. Life. Godless.